Older woman applying for social security disability benefits
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You might have a severe medical condition that prevents you from working for a living, but if you make one of these errors when you file your application for Social Security disability benefits, you could get denied the benefits you need. This blog will discuss some of the common mistakes to avoid when applying for Social Security disability benefits.

One of the best ways to avoid these issues is to work with a Texas social security disability attorney on your application for benefits or appeal of an adverse decision.

Not Completing the Application

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will not fill in the blank on an incomplete request for disability benefits. If an application does not include all the required information, it will most likely get denied. You must be meticulous about every aspect of the form.

Applying for the Wrong Benefits Program

The SSA administers two different disability benefits programs: the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. There are some similarities between these programs, in that they both require a successful applicant to have a severe illness or injury that makes them unable to maintain any type of gainful employment, and they pay cash benefits on a monthly basis.

The differences between the programs, however, trip up many applicants and cause many applications to get denied. You must have worked long enough at jobs that paid Social Security taxes to qualify for SSDI benefits. People usually pay these taxes as deductions from their paychecks. If you do not satisfy this requirement, your application for SSDI benefits will get denied.

SSI has strict income and asset limitations. A person who has too much income or too many assets will get denied SSI benefits, and it does not take much to exceed these maximum amounts. 

A person could qualify under one disability program but get denied because they applied for the wrong program. Some people can qualify for both SSDI and SSI benefits.

Submitting Your Application for Benefits Too Early

Social Security benefits are not intended for people with short-term disabilities. Your doctor must expect your disabling condition to last for at least 12 months. If your impairment has already lasted for 12 months or longer, there is no need to wait. 

With some conditions, it is obvious that the disability will last for at least one year, while with some other conditions, it is uncertain how long the disability will continue. You should work with a lawyer on the timing of your application to protect your right to back pay.

Missing Your SSA Medical Exam

Your doctor might have run every test in the book, but if they want to, the SSA can require you to undergo an examination by a doctor whom they choose. If you refuse to attend this exam, the SSA can deny your application for disability benefits.

Missing a Deadline

As with many bureaucratic processes, there are deadlines involved at various points in the disability benefits application process. If you miss a deadline, the SSA could deny or dismiss your claim on procedural grounds without ever taking a look at your medical condition. These are but a few of the mistakes you can avoid when applying for Social Security disability benefits by working with a Texas estate planning attorney. For help with your case, reach out to our office today.