Do You Need an Attorney to Help With Your Social Security Disability Claim?

As a Texas SSDI lawyer, frequently I am asked if someone needs to hire an attorney to file a disability claim. The truth is that you are not required by law to hire an attorney to file for your disability claim. However, as with many other situations in life, simply because you are not required to do so does not mean you should not. In addition, the question above asks if you need a Texas Social Security Disability lawyer to “help” with your Social Security disability claim? The answer to that question is YES.

Why Do You Need a Texas SSDI Lawyer to Help You With your Social Secuirty Disability Claim?

As with any government agency, the Social Security Administration can be very difficult to deal with and navigate. Applicants for SSDI are not only required to complete complicated, lengthy applications and other forms, but they are required to submit evidence that they meet the definition of disabled and have attained the required number of work credits to be eligible to receive SSDI benefits. First, the SSA uses a different definition of disabled than most other organizations. Second, many individuals did not even realize they were accumulating work credit or what work credits include.

Third, many cases are denied for technical errors, failing to meet deadlines, or lack of evidence, which can cause frustrating, time-consuming, and needless delays. You need your SSDI benefits now! A Texas SSDI lawyer can help you avoid those delays by completing the application correctly and completely the first time, including supplying the evidence and documents required by the application. You are dealing with a tremendous amount of stress in your life caused by your disability, including physical and emotional distress, medical providers, financial burdens, and the needs of your family. Our lawyer handles the entire SSDA application process to relieve this burden from your so that you can focus solely on other urgent matters.

Delays, Denials, and Appeals

Another reason to hire a Texas SSDI lawyer is to handle the request for additional information based on your initial application. In some cases, the examiner may request additional information or schedule an independent examination by a doctor chosen by the SSA. Having an attorney to handle these requests and advise you of your legal rights is invaluable during the Social Security Disability application process.

Unfortunately, even with a perfectly filed and completed SSDI application, many requests for disability benefits are denied at the initial application phase. However, the SSA has a detailed appeals process, including four levels of appeals:

  • Reconsideration of initial application;
  • Hearing conducted by an administrative law judge;
  • Review by the Appeals Council; and,
  • Federal Court review.

Your chance of receiving a favorable outcome in an appeal increases when an experienced Texas SSDI lawyer represents you. Your attorney understands the laws, rules, and terminology used during the SSDI appeal process. The multi-step appeal process can be overwhelming and complicated for a person who has never dealt with the SSA. You need an attorney who understands the system to protect your rights at each step.

Contact a Texas SSDI Lawyer for a Free Consultation

It does not cost you anything to obtain legal advice about your Social Security disability claim. We encourage you to contact our office for a consultation to learn how we can help you receive the benefits you need and deserve because of your disability.